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What a friend is

A friend is someone you can rely on.You can trust them and they don't tell lies. They don't bully or ditch you. My best friend tells me the truth, and she makes a time to spend with me.Even if the subject isn't important to them they care and understand.  Talk to yourself and think of your friend. Have they stayed true to you or did they just lie? Please go to my BFFs page. Her username is momlindsay123 and she is really funny. Trust me.


                     You probably had someone ditch you before and it hurts bad. My friend ditched me and talked behind my back, but what I'm trying to say is ditching hurts. Imagine going on a date and your date stood you up, how does it feel? If you've ditched someone then your just being a jerk. Go apologize. You're just being a ditcher.


Summer is coming to an end so heres advice for bullying. Bullying is not funny on any circumstance. It can cause much harm to the victim. From becoming a bully to suicide, so lets make a difference and remember nobody is better than the other. SO STOP BULLYING

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